Repair Rates and Policies

Update March 25 2023:

Hourly rate has increased to $150 per hour to adjust for the increased cost of doing business and continuing to provide high quality vintage synth repair in the current market.

Standard hourly rate of $150 per hour, billed in 15 minute increments with a minimum one hour per unit being serviced.   The standard rate and one-hour minimum fee covers both initial diagnostic and repair time.   

For projects that require additional work required beyond the one-hour minimum, estimates will discussed with the customer before proceeding.  We will communicate with you throughout the process via text, email or phone.

If we don’t think the repair is worth pursuing (ex. repair costs outweigh the value of the unit) we will let you know.

Due to the nature of vintage synthesizer repair and restoration, it is not possible to provide an exact invoice amount before the repair or restoration is complete.  Many unknowns can be encountered in the diagnosis and repair process therefore we will not be able to provide an exact cost of your project until it is complete.  

 All service work is guaranteed for 90 days after completion of services.



Special Offers: Full Roland Juno-106 service $600 

 Full Service and tune up includes:

-Disassemble, clean Roland Juno-106 interior and front panel
-Remove and replace all (6) Roland Juno-106 voice chips with new replacements
-Replace noisy chorus chips as needed
-Test, clean sliders and switches 
-Service power supply as needed
-Keybed cleaning and service as needed
-Fix “scratchy” volume knob
-Replace 2 prong power connector with 3 prong IEC
-Full factory calibration and burn in