Retro Pro Audio is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, servicing analog synthesizers and vintage pro audio gear. 

Our goal is to restore classic gear to their best condition, renewing them to have new life and provide many more years of value and joy in the world.  

Some of what we have worked on:

Akai AX60
ARP 2600
ARP Avatar
ARP Sequencer
ARP Odyssey
ARP Quartet
ARP Solus
Black Corporation Deckard’s Dream
Black Corporation Kijimi
Crumar Performer
Elektron SIDstation 
EML ElectroComp 101 
Korg MS-20
Korg Mono/Poly 
Moog Minimoog Model D
Moog Opus 3
Moog Prodigy
Moog Sonic Six
Moog The Source
Oberheim Matrix 1000
Oberheim Matrix  6
Oberheim SEM
Oberheim OB-1
Oberheim SEM
Oberheim OB-1
Oberheim Xpander
Oberheim OB-8
Oberheim Xpander
Oberheim Matrix 12




Roland MKS-70
Roland JD-800
Roland SH-2
Roland SH-5
Roland SH-7
Roland SH-101
Roland Space Echo/Chorus Echo
Roland  Juno 60
Roland Juno 106 
Roland JX-3P
Roland JX-8P
Roland Jupiter 6
Roland TR-808
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-727
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 
Sequential Circuits Prophet T8
Sequential Circuits Six-Trak
Eventide H3000
Yamaha CS-15
Yamaha CS-30 
And more…